Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Interview Big Daddy & Zora

Big Daddy’s take on Natural Hair

Zora: How do you feel about women with natural hair?

BD: I always thought that natural hair was beautiful on other women that I did not date.

Zora: Why would you say that?

BD: I just never dated anyone who was bold enough to cut off her hair to go natural.

Zora: When I cut off all my hair what was your first reaction?

BD: I was in a state of shock (he laughs in amazement). I could not believe that my wife would cut off all her hair! I do remember that we had a discussion about natural hair before but that’s all I thought it was a discussion. Then you came home bald…

Zora: How did you feel when my hair was only 2 inches? Where you still attracted to me? At what stage did you like my hair?

BD: I did not like it at first because it looked like a boy and it was shorter than mine. I was still attracted to you because my love is not attached to your hair. I really started to like your hair when it grew out.

Zora: (Zora smiles because Big Daddy made her feel special at that moment!) See ladies there are men out there who love you just for you being yourself.

Zora: If my hair were very course would still like it?

BD: Texture or length does not matter to me, I just want your hair to look nice and be able to run my finger through it (he laughs).

Zora: Did you grow up in a home in which women wore their natural hair? If not what attracted you to natural hair?

BD: No one in my house wore natural hair. I only witnessed the women of my household get relaxers and I became attracted to women with natural hair when I laid eyes on Angela Davis and Pam Grier. I also had a crush on them LOL…memories.

Zora: I see that you have embraced the natural hair community and the use of my products. What made you embrace the spirit of being natural and free?

BD: I love the smell of my wife’s products and I want to try something new. Also baldness runs in my family for the men and I don’t want to go bald.

Zora: Big Daddy as we close this interview why do men like to use women products for their hair?

BD: Men typically use whatever is available at home for our hair. We like to smell good too ladies as long as it does not smell like a bunch of flowers LOL.

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