Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Barriers – Did we create them?

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Facing roadblocks in one's career path have led many to experience self-doubt, depression, anxiety, and fear.Over the past few weeks, I had the privilege of speaking with women who are desiring a career change due to being unfilled in their current career path. During one of my many conversations, someone asked how to move from being unfilled to having a purposeful career and life. After the unnamed women utter the age old question many ponder daily. Silence consumed the group as the women turned to face the inquisitor. Then one boldly yelled, "I WISHED I KNEW". While the others began shaking their heads admitting unapologetically they wrestled with the same questions. After an hour of spending time together, the women vowed before leaving the conversation they will set their mind to focus on a new path of self-discovery to pursue a more meaningful career path and life.

Recently, I had a profound revelation which helped me to connect to my life’s work. For years, I tried to take many roads I thought would connect me to my career path, but found myself back at square one. Since my early twenties, God has used me to help many people with their careers, counseling, and business needs. However, I never wanted what he was showing me during that time. I was focused on what I thought would be a more suitable career path, I ignored my purpose. Chasing a career that would not chase me, I became frustrated and unfilled. Limited by seeking my plan I encountered doors God would not open. On many occasions, I would cry out LORD WHY! He would bring me back to the beginning of the road by sending more people with counseling inquiries. Finally, realizing this was a sign. I yielded to his plan. 

If you try walking through a door that will not open ask yourself these questions - Is it the season? Is it God? Is it my desire?  When you are ready to receive God's answer to the billion-dollar question you will find joy.

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