Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Barriers – Did we create them?

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Roadblocks in one's career path continue to lead many to experience self-doubt, depression, anxiety, and fear. 

Over the past few weeks, I had the privilege of speaking with women who are desiring a career change due to feeling unfilled. During one of my group sessions, someone asked how would one begin to transition from being unfilled to having a purposeful career and life. After the person asked the age-old question many ponder on a daily basis. Silence consumed the room and the group members waited for someone to respond. Then one of the women mumbled, "I wished I knew, please help us". In response to the inquisitor's comment, some of the women began nodding in agreement and admitting they wrestled with the same issue of not knowing their purpose. After an hour of spending time together and realizing they were not alone in their struggles before the meeting ended the women vowed to continue to encourage one another and hold each accountable in their quest to find their purpose.

Recently, I had a profound revelation which helped me to connect to my life’s work. For years, I traveled many roads and tested many occupations I thought would connect me to my purpose and found myself back at square one every time. Since my early twenties, God has used me to help many people with their careers, counseling, and business needs. However, I struggled with accepting what God was showing me about my life's work because I desired something different. During this time in my life I was chasing a career that would not chase me, so I became frustrated due to being unfilled and unsuccessful. I was limiting myself by not accepting my purpose from God and creating my own.  I thought I could become successful without consulting God but I failed during those time no matter how hard I tried. On many occasions, I would cry out LORD WHY, but to no avail, He would bring me back to my purpose by sending more people to confirm what he was revealing all this time. Finally, realizing God was not going to change his mind I yielded to his plan. 

Have you yielded to the plan of God for your life?

Have you tried walking through a door that would not open? What happened when it did not work out?

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